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Contractors are one of the fasting growing categories of companies who contact Air Allergen as part of their work. As more knowledge is known about mold and other indoor air quality issues, contractors of all specialties are recognizing that they can better serve their clients by calling attention to things they see, whether or not it affects what they were hired to do.

While the focus of most calls from contractors are aimed at finding help for their customers, many of the less serious problems could be handled by contractors that are not normally in the remediation business, but are looking for ways to expand the services they can offer. For problems that are beyond the scope of their interests or capabilities, Air Allergen can help identify a restoration contractor in the business of remediation with known capabilities and who stand behind their work.

Water, mold, and insulation fibers are not your friend when they are in your home. When you see things that can adversely affect your client's home and health, call Air Allergen and Mold Testing to do an inspection and make recommendations to head off health related symptoms from leaks and other environmental problems.

Air Allergens reports are rooted in the construction industry, and can provide step by step guidance for correcting the problem. Whether you are a plumber, roofer, electrician, HVAC specialist, carpenter, painter, or general contractor, you have an opportunity to expand the scope of your work and better serve your customers by calling attention to issues that are meaningful to them and their families. Air Allergen and Mold Testing can help, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your clients. Call for a no obligation telephone conversation to answer your questions and discuss your observations.
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