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One benefit of the national health care debate is that cost to the public is being examined. Good health care is not just paying for doctor’s visits. Good health care is avoiding the need for doctor’s visits. The focus on addressing both national health care and containing costs can be better met by finding ways to keep people from getting sick rather than treating symptoms.

The national health care debate is all about those who cannot afford proper health care. Air Allergen believes that an unhealthy home can cause people to perform poorly, both in school and work. This leads to lower income jobs and the perception that they are not able to do well, rather than understanding that they could do better if they felt better.

We are assaulted every day by chemicals and particulate that can impacts our health. A healthy home could be a place where the body can recuperate and regain its ability to take on the other matters of daily life. Sub-standard housing, in particular, creates an environment where people feel poorly and perform poorly, both at school and work. They not only can’t hold up their share of the work load, but often become burdens in the health care system.

Help your community reduce their health care needs. Encourage air quality sampling for those who you believe could be impacted by their environment, especially in sub-standard and publicly subsidized housing. Recommend environmental testing for public housing and other facilities. It will be less costly to identify and remediate unhealthy housing while teaching people how to maintain good indoor air quality than it does to pay for endless treatments of the health symptoms that result from poor housing conditions.
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